RIS-ALiCE: Al-rich industrial residues for mineral binders in ESEE region

RIS-ALiCE M18 project meeting


RIS-ALiCE M18 project meeting was due to the situation regarding the COVID-19 organised online by project partner Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (BZN) on 2nd September, 2020. RIS-ALiCE partners met to discuss the successfully completed tasks planned for the period between the month 12 and the month 18 of the project. The online meeting was a success since most of the project partners managed to gather and discuss the successfully completed tasks and forthcoming project activities in the second year of the project. Discussed topics were strategy changes in dissemination activities due to the situation with COVID-19, organization of the training school, laboratory analysis of the collected samples. During the meeting, teams from Geological Survey of Slovenia and Lucis organized a workshop on presentation of the registry prototype, features and functionalities, user management and data protection, etc.



Figure 1: Print screen of few participants at RIS-ALiCE M18 project meeting