RIS-ALiCE: Al-rich industrial residues for mineral binders in ESEE region

RIS-ALiCE M6 Project meeting

RIS-ALiCE M6 project meeting was organised by project partner Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (BZN) and took place on the 12th – 13th September, 2019 at the Hotel Novotel Szeged in Hungary. RIS-ALiCE partners met to discuss the successfully completed tasks planned in first 6 months of the project. The meeting was a success since most of the project partners managed to gather and discuss the successfully completed tasks and forthcoming project activities in the first year of the project. Addressed topics were new data collection, laboratory analysis on collected samples, estabilishing contacts to local stakeholders as well as inclusion of wider society in project activities,organisation of National workshops and field visits in 2019, RIS-ALiCE website, RIS-ALiCE registry prototype, etc.


M6 Project meeting.jpg