RIS-ALiCE: Al-rich industrial residues for mineral binders in ESEE region

vEGU21: Gather Online

We would like to draw your attention concerning the next vEGU21: Gather Online | 19–30 April 2021, and specifically regarding session ERE5.3 - Interdisciplinary approach to support raw material supply and sustainable development goals.

The session ERE5.3 will focus on issues connected to raw materials (RM) and critical raw materials (CRM) supply. The demand of RM/ CRM is continuously growing, something which is highly connected to the development of climate-benefit technologies as well as high-technology applications. It is difficult to forecast the demand for RM/CRM, either altogether or independently for each commodity, since they are more and more dependent on which new technologies are introduced and become dominant in the marketplace. Further to this, the supply of RM is highly connected to international geopolitics strategies and global market conditions. The primary source of RM is still guaranteed via ore deposit exploitation, as the recycling of critical elements is neither feasible nor economically convenient.Therefore, mining activities need to be increasingly improving at a global level, and modern and more efficient technologies and mining techniques need to be applied to guarantee a sustainable mining future and supply of RM. Lax legislations and erroneous practices from the past, like for example the non-efficient management of wastes and tailings, has caused and is still causing environmental impacts (see UN sustainable development goals), which have to be forecasted, monitored and managed. Besides their management in an environmental context, the huge volumes of waste can also represent an important source of RM, mainly through their efficient re-processing, with potential positive socio-economic-environmental impacts.

This session aims at giving the chance to investigate, in an interdisciplinary way, topics connected to sustainable mining and circular economy in extractive industry: “resource efficiency”, “environmental and human health risk”, “economic and social challenges” and “legislation and political issues”. The session is targeted to scientists, policy makers, and mining companies: the will of the conveners is to host a lively session concerning the main actions and needs to guarantee raw materials supply together with a greener and more sustainable society development.

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Session ERE5.3 convenors:

Giovanna Antonella Dino (University of Torino, Italy. email:

George Barakos (Institute of Mining and Civil Engineering of the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. email:

Alessandro Cavallo (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy. email:

Sabina Dolenec (Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Department of Materials, Slovenia. email:

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